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Water & Wastewater Treatment Specialists




Watermen provides cost effective solutions for industrial wastewater needs. Watermen offers design, fabrication, construction oversight and plant operations to a multitude of wastewater treatment plants. Our job is complete when your wastewater costs have dropped, and your problem has become a solution. 


Dissolved air flotation fabrication


A Dissolved Air Flotation Separator System (DAF System) is designed to break out oil from water through a chemical and physical process that is similar to a clarifier that is found in most wastewater plants. At Watermen we fabricate DAF systems of our own innovative design that optimize the process and increase efficiency within wastewater plants.



At Watermen we specialize in boiler treatment procedures and chemical methods that we have perfected over the past 40 years. Application of our knowledge and through the use of our chemicals and applications we can extend the life of any boiler system. 



At Watermen we have created programs specific to our clients and their cooling tower needs. Our procedures and chemical applications allow cooling towers to run efficiently which will save water and money. 


Closed Loop Systems

Watermen has customized its approach to closed loops and how they are chemically treated. Our processes and applications are designed to efficiently treat both chilled and hot water loops. Our specifically designed and customized chemicals are proven to work and help to create cost and energy savings in cooling systems.