To Be the first line of defense protecting the environment by providing safe, simplistic, affordable and innovative solutions for industrial water treatment

We are Watermen

Reduce your chemical costs and improve your water quality with Watermen, Inc.  We have been serving the Southeastern U.S. for over 40 years in helping our customers achieve results.  Watermen began as a one-man company serving two states and has grown into a company that is now responsible for operational and chemical needs in seven states throughout the southeast.

The industries we work with include (but are not limited to) chemical, food, metals, and other manufacturing, hospitals, transportation, educational institutions, and property management.  We understand the different water treatment needs in all industries and can provide cost effective measures to ensure that a reliable water treatment program is implemented and maintained.

Our technicians are prepared to learn the customers’ challenges and will be able to assist in recommending, implementing and monitoring water treatment.  From chemical pumps to ultra filtration systems/reverse osmosis units, we have worked with companies to maintain compliance, reuse water and ultimately save money.